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Buddy Davis

Dinosaur sculptor, recording artist, adventurer, actor, speaker


Buddy is a ‘paleo-artist’ for Answers in Genesis, specializing in building life-size dinosaur sculptures. He has sculpted dozens of these impressive dinosaur models—small and large—for over 11 years and has traveled extensively with his collection across the US. His work is internationally known and has been featured in newspapers (Associated Press), magazines (Creation), books and national television. He recently completed a life-size, 40-foot-long model of Tyrannosaurus rex. Most of Buddy’s models will find a permanent home in AiG’s future Creation Museum near the Cincinnati Airport.

In addition to speaking about dinosaurs, Buddy does music concerts. Buddy has released seven gospel CDs, the most recent entitled ‘When the Storms of Life Awaken: Soar.’ All of Buddy’s songs honor God and seek to draw people to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, our Savior.

A long-time speaker for Answers in Genesis, Buddy recounts his adventures to audiences around the world. At these conferences, he also sings many selections from his gospel CDs and conducts exciting children’s workshops for ages 7–10. Buddy recently starred in the new AiG children’s video series ‘Creation Adventure Team,’ video series, winner of six awards. These videos are high-quality productions with lots of energy and valuable information for kids of all ages.

The Lord has also provided Buddy with many opportunities to do paleo and archaeological research and engage in other fascinating adventures. Buddy was part of a four-member team in 1994 that found unfossilized dinosaur bones (of a duck-bill type) in the tundra of Alaska above the Arctic Circle. In 1988, Buddy went on an expedition in search of Noah’s Ark on Mt Ararat in Turkey. He has also excavated for dinosaurs and other fossils on several occasions across the US. A recent adventure took him kayaking on 100 miles of the Florida Everglades. He has also traveled to many parts of the American West in search of dinosaur ‘rock art’ (i.e., Indian drawings of dinosaur-like creatures). For more information, visit


He is the co-author of the book "The Great Alaskan Dinosaur Adventure" (1998), which recounted his 1994 trip to Alaska (see above), and is the author of the "Special Wonders Series". One of Buddy's popular songs has become the basis of a colorful and informative children's book, "When Dragons Hearts Were Good".

Contact Information

For booking Buddy as a speaker/singer, call (859) 727-2222, ext. 402.

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