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The managers of Christian stations want to hear from listeners, whose suggestions can carry a lot of weight in what the station will air, and at what time. If your local Christian radio station is not aware of the Answers…with Ken Ham program, we’d be glad to send you a free sample of the radio programs (produced on compact disc), which you can hand-deliver to your local station manager, with your words of endorsement.

To facilitate this, please contact us here or by calling (859) 727-2222 ext. 461. We will send you a sample of our program on CD with brief instructions on how best to approach your local Christian station about airing the Answers program.

Please consider this ‘creation evangelism’ opportunity in your community!

Your organization has touched so many lives, including my own in a very special way. Six years ago when I married my husband, he thought that Darwin was right; however, he still had some questions. One day I heard the end of an AiG broadcast and heard Ken Ham saying, ‘Tune in next week to hear how dinosaurs “fit” into the Bible.’ Well, that is just what I needed. I rushed home, went to the AiG website and ordered every book I thought my husband would read. It worked! God worked! Now my husband knows the Creator! He now shares the Word and the creation story with whoever will listen. Our whole family is eagerly awaiting the opening of the museum. We are all great fans of AiG. Thank you again, and bless all of you for your hard work. Lovingly,

—Tina B., Kansas

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