Get Involved!

We’d like nothing more than for you to help with the “I am not ashamed” campaign and the first ever online video Bible. As an inspiration, here’s a list of suggestions to get you started.

  • Wear an IANA hat or t-shirt to your child’s little league game or a MLB game and get on TV!
  • Share the website with friends on your facebook page
  • Share the website on Twitter
  • Stock up on bumper stickers, magnets, and travel mugs
  • Put up yard signs and flags
  • Hand out IANA business cards to people you meet
  • Share IANA with your pastor and church leaders
  • Flood Christian bookstores with merchandise
  • Designate a church-wide IANA day and use a blue ribbon to show your support
  • Ask local businesses to show their support of IANA
  • Plan an IANA prayer breakfast
  • Video your family reciting a meaningful Bible verse together
  • Have everyone in your family or church congregation quote their favorite verse on video and send it to IANA
  • Video your classmates saying Bible verses
  • Take a video camera to AWANA