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In the Beginning, there was an idea.

by Dan Lietha

In response to e-mails regarding this cartoon feature, I want to give the readers a little more insight into the purpose of After Eden.

After Eden is a simple, one-panel, Biblical cartoon for the whole family to enjoy. Using a Biblical idea or fact, I want the reader to laugh! After all, laughter was invented by our Creator God! (PLEASE understand, the humor is not aimed at the Bible.)

This feature is a bit different from my AiG comic strip, CreationWise which is printed in the monthly Answers Update newsletter. CreationWise is my meaty, hit-the-reader-between-the-eyes, ‘sermon’ cartoon. After Eden is the entertaining ‘candy’ cartoon that still has nutritional value!

Most of the ideas I have for After Eden center around things we live with today that must have started with Adam and Eve, i.e. the first argument, discoveries about life—both good and bad, men’s and women’s perspectives of each other. This approach will hopefully reinforce the fact that the characters in the Bible were indeed real people that experienced many aspects of life in the same way we do today. It is all based on a Biblical way of thinking because, after all, the Bible is TRUE HISTORY. My hope is that the reader will connect with the Biblical characters in a more tangible way after seeing them in these familiar situations.

As additional cartoons are posted on the web each week, the spirit of the cartoon will become more clear to everyone.

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