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The first step in sending an After Eden greeting card is to choose the cartoon you wish to send. View the cartoons below and click on the one you wish to send as a greeting card. (Alternatevely, you can click on the ‘Send this cartoon as a greeting card’ link on any individual cartoon page.)

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Jun 26, 2000
Accurate Science?
Sep 4, 2000
Age of the Earth
Aug 21, 2000
Silly ark
Aug 14, 2000
Jan 10, 2000
Kiss and Make Up...
Mar 13, 2000
Playing Dead
Jan 17, 2000
The New (Fallen) World
Jan 1, 2000
The First World War
Oct 23, 2000
Adam and Eve Graves
Jan 15, 2001
Exercise Curse
Apr 10, 2000
The Cursed Mondays
Aug 19, 2002
Cell phones

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