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After Eden FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions (with answers!) about After Eden. If you are about to email me a question, please see if it has already been answered here. Additional commonly asked questions will be answered here in the future.

After Eden products


Q. Do you have a book of your cartoons for sale?

A. Yes! It’s called Welcome to Life After Eden, and is for sale in our online store.

Q. Why should I buy a book of your cartoons when all the cartoons are available on your website?

A. It is true that all the After Eden cartoons are available on the AiG website; however, I produced quite a lot of background material for the book that is not on the web. I would especially encourage those who are interested in Christian cartooning to get a copy. Much of the thinking behind of how these biblical cartoons are produced is explained in the chapters between the cartoon sections. Check out the table of contents.


Q. Are you going to come out with a 365-day tear-off calendar of some of your After Eden cartoons?

A. At this time (Jan 2006) there are only around 200 After Eden cartoons in the entire collection. I will not have 365 After Eden cartoons for another three years at best! And even if I did have 365 cartoons now, I wouldn’t want to put the entire collection into one product. The 365 cartoons in those page-a-day comic strip calendars you see in the stores are just a small selection of the years and years’ worth of daily cartoons in that particular cartoon feature.

Q. Are you going to make a regular 12-month After Eden calendar?

A. We did produce a 12-month After Eden calendar for 2004. This calendar didn’t sell as well as we hoped, so until I am told differently, it will be the first and last one. A real collector’s item! Oh, well, it keeps me humble.

CD Collection

Q. Will you be selling the After Eden cartoons in a CD collection?

A. Probably not.


Q. Do you have any plans to put some of the After Eden cartoons on sweatshirts or t-shirts?

A. We do have one t-shirt featuring an After Eden cartoon for sale in our online store.

Q. Do you have any t-shirt iron-ons for sale?

A. Not at this time.

Q. Can I make my own t-shirt iron-ons or silkscreen my own shirts from your After Eden cartoons to witness or sell to support my ministry?

A. We understand the desire to use the After Eden cartoon in this way, but due to copyright issues and product quality control concerns, we are not granting permission for this use.

Automated After Eden cartoons

Q. Can I subscribe to the After Eden cartoons so each new cartoon is emailed to me when it comes out?

A. At this time, we do not have an After Eden email subscription set up. We do, however, email a weekly AiG newsletter that includes a link to the new weekly After Eden cartoon. You can sign up for this FREE e-newsletter.

Q. Can I have a weekly auto-updating After Eden cartoon on my website?

A. Yes! You can find the auto-updating code on our Link to Answers in Genesis page.

Repeat cartoons?

Q. Are you (or is AiG) recycling your cartoons? I’m sure I’ve seen the “middle-aged Methuselah” one before, a lo-o-ong time ago.

A. It’s very possible. When I have to meet urgent deadlines on Mondays, I simply don’t have time to produce a new cartoon, so we run repeats on those busy days.

After Eden NOT FUNNY?

Q. Some of your After Eden cartoons aren’t funny. Am I missing something?

A. While I do like to use humor in my After Eden cartoons, not all of them are supposed to be funny. Some of them communicate a serious point and are intended to teach and cause thought.

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