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The Making of After Eden

Step 1 ? Ideas first!

The process of creating After Eden cartoons begins with ideas. Before I launched this weekly cartoon feature, many hours were spent collecting possible subjects and situations that would later be used to develop cartoons. Most of my time was spent thinking about the lives of Adam and Eve and other people in Genesis 1-11 and writing these thoughts down in one of several notebooks. No matter where I go, there is usually a notebook close by, ready for the next idea that may pop into my mind. If I don't write them down right away, I usually forget what the idea was. Not all of these end up turning into a cartoon, but the more ideas I can come up with, the better the chances of having one of them becoming a future cartoon.

Ultimately, of course, the credit for these ideas must go to the Creator of all creativity: our Creator God. That being said, I wish I could say the ideas all come easy. Thinking up good ideas is the hardest part of the entire process!

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