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The Making of After Eden

Step 2 – Rough sketches

Unlike our Creator God, I cannot speak my creations into existence, fully finished from the start. I have to start simple and add more detail as I progress. The earliest drawings are usually quite rough looking little sketches. Sometimes many of these sketches are drawn before a 'good one' is drawn. If one of these little sketches works for me, I will develop it by making another more detailed sketch and reworking the text if needed.

Note that some of the examples shown here were made before After Eden was launched on the AiG web site. At this point I hadn't yet decided to go with the title, After Eden. Even the final look for my cartoon versions of Adam and Eve had not been developed yet. I was just trying to collect successful cartoon ideas. Look at these sketches and see if you can find (in the After Eden archive) the finished cartoons they became!

The sketches from this point on will be of those that produced the first drawn After Eden cartoon. I later chose to display this cartoon closer to Valentine's day so it actually became the #6 After Eden.

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