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The Making of After Eden

Step 3 – Final lines (pencils and inks)

The next step is to take the good rough sketch and trace it into a preprinted cartoon panel making a clean final pencil version. The preprinted panel is only used here to give the exact size of the space I need to draw for the final cartoon. This clean pencil version is very important because these lines will be used as a guide for the final ink drawing.

Hey! Professional artists don't TRACE, do they? Sure we do. In this case, there's no problem because I'm tracing my own drawing! The inking is done as I again trace the pencil sketched lines through another piece of paper on a lightbox. A lightbox is a small rectangular box. Inside are florescent lights which shine through a Plexiglas top. This allows me to see through both pieces of paper and trace the image on the top piece of paper.

As you can see below, the inked art looks strange because it is drawn in pieces. This is to help me later, because it gives me the option to make the color of the line work in the background different than the line color of Adam and Eve. This is best done by drawing the elements of the cartoon separately. Later on these two pieces will be assembled on the computer.

This example is fairly simple with just two main ink drawings. It's not uncommon for an After Eden cartoon to be made up from as many as five to ten separate ink drawings.

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