AiG placed a major ad on August 27 in all editions of USA Today as well as the AiG web site.

The mainstream media have not retracted their inaccurate stories about the new science standards passed by the state school board of Kansas (the major news outlets were contacted last week by AiG and asked to print/broadcast retractions). Evolution has NOT been eliminated from the curriculum of Kansas schools as erroneously reported.

On p. 79 of the new standards (, it states clearly that “in grades 9-12, all students should develop an understanding of…biological evolution.” The glossary in the back of the standards defines evolution as both “macro” (in the Darwinian understanding of the word) and “micro.”

The Kansas effort was only a mild attempt to de-emphasize the current, intensive one-sided indoctrination program of evolution in its public schools, permitting teachers to present the grave scientific problems with evolution.

Read AiG’s detailed response to the misreporting of the story, called Confusion in Kansas—Evolution not Outlawed!

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