The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved!

The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved!

by Ken Ham

Ken Ham explains how to understand earth’s history … from a biblical perspective. He then applies this biblical foundation to the intriguing topic of dinosaurs!


  • Genesis 1:20–23
  • Job 40, 41


Teachers should read the Scripture and text for each lesson prior to teaching it. You should be able to answer the questions below prior to asking them of the student. We have included page numbers from the text where answers are found. Extra understanding can be gained by reading the footnotes for this section.


The student will learn that those dinosaurs that survived the Flood on Noah’s Ark re-populated the world, along with people.


Have the student read Scripture out loud. Have student read the text, pp. 43–47, 66–76.


  1. When and where did Job live?
  2. Describe the creature, called “Behemoth,” that lived with Job. (Job 40)
  3. Research the “cedars of Lebanon”—how large did they grow?
  4. Describe “Leviathan” (Job 41).
  5. Why do animals die out today? Contact your local zoo officials with this question and record their answers.
  6. Why do you think we don’t see dinosaurs alive today?


Although a representative from each dinosaur “kind” survived the Earth-covering Flood of Noah’s day, the new world was not kind to these (and other) animals. There is no mystery about the disappearance of the dinosaurs when we view their history through Biblical glasses.

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