The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved!

The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved!

by Ken Ham

Ken Ham explains how to understand earth’s history … from a biblical perspective. He then applies this biblical foundation to the intriguing topic of dinosaurs!


  • Genesis 1:20–23
  • Isaiah 30:6


Teachers should read the Scripture and text for each lesson prior to teaching it. You should be able to answer the questions below prior to asking them of the student. We have included page numbers from the text where answers are found. Extra understanding can be gained by reading the footnotes for this section.


The student will learn evidence supporting the Biblical view that dinosaurs lived with people and that dinosaurs did not turn into birds.


Have the student read Scripture out loud. Have student read the text, pp. 39–42, 49–52, 81–86.


  1. Research some “living fossils.” What is the significance of these finds?
  2. Research present-day sightings of dinosaur-type creatures. (Note: Careful research on the reports of the supposed “Japanese plesiosaur,” which has been promoted in creationist circles for many years, shows that it is almost certainly a basking shark carcass, so we would discourage its use as evidence. Click here for more information on this subject.)
  3. What are some basic problems with the idea that dinosaurs turned into birds?
  4. Research the various supposed “dinosaur-to-bird transitional forms.” In reality, what did these fossils turn out to be?


Many explanations regarding the extinction of the dinosaurs have been given by those who refuse to accept the Biblical account of history. Some have suggested these creatures eventually turned into birds. However, the Bible is clear—dinosaurs have always been dinosaurs and birds have always been birds.

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