Zig Ziglar, popular Christian author and perhaps the world’s best-known “motivational speaker,” is lending his name to AiG’s effort to combat the evil of racism and to offer a nonevolutionary explanation of the origin of the different people groups around the world.

Mr. Ziglar wrote the foreword to AiG’s book One Blood: The Biblical Answer to Racism. This is a topic of great interest to him, for an African-American lady shared the gospel with him in 1972 and he received Christ. The book has already seen a wonderful reception around the United States, and went into its second printing only three months after its publication.

As a follow-up to this book, Mr. Ziglar has written a 700-word commentary (“The Answer to Racism”) that has been submitted to major newspapers in the United States on this topic of “races,” mentioning AiG and the One Blood book. From both Scripture and science, he shows that all “races” (Mr. Ziglar and AiG actually prefer to use the words “people groups,” because the term “race” has heavy evolutionary overtones and is nowhere mentioned in the Bible) go back to an original couple, Adam and Eve. If his commentary appears in your local newspaper, would you kindly forward it to Mark Looy, AiG’s Director of Media? We would prefer to see the original—in newsprint form—sent to us through the mail as opposed to a fax, but a fax is acceptable. If you find the commentary in “electronic form,” please contact us.

The mailing address to send these clippings would be: Mark Looy, AiG, P.O. Box 510, Hebron, KY 41048; fax: (859) 727-2299.

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