Steven Dickinson

“As an incentive to accomplish my dream I want to help Answers in Genesis reach their dream. I will be looking for people who are willing to donate $1 towards the Creation Museum for every mile that I complete. That would be $13 per person. If I could get just 800 people to donate $13 that would be over $10,000 donated.” – Steven Dickinson

Testimony of Steven Dickinson

Steven Dickinson’s life dream was to run a 26-mile marathon. As an incentive to accomplish his dream, he planned to raise funds to help Answers in Genesis build a world-class Creation Museum and Family Discovery Center. Today, on October 1, 2000, Steven’s dream was going to be a reality.

Tragically, during a routine training session, Steven was struck by a pickup truck. His dream was over—at least it seemed that way as he was taken to the hospital. He sustained injuries to his head requiring 25 stitches and also to his knee requiring 12 stitches. He and his doctors have determined that he is unable to run the 26-mile marathon.

But his passion to bring the truth of God’s Word to thousands and help build the Creation Museum has kept his dream alive. Despite his painful injury, Steven will be walking 13 miles instead. He is still looking for people willing to donate $1 or more towards the Creation Museum for every mile that he completes. That would be a minimum of $13 per person. If he could get 800 people to donate at least $13 that would be over $10,000 donated.

Please join us in prayer that Steven will have full recovery and complete his 13-mile walk!

Update: October 6, 2000

Mr. Dickinson walked 13.1 miles in 2:47:10—finishing 800th place overall. We want to thank you for your kindness to Steven and AiG, as we were able to raise over $2000!

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