For many years now, people all over the world have asked Ken Ham to provide his dynamic teaching programs as a series of video lessons suitable for use in Bible study, Sunday school, Christian and homeschool, Sunday evening services, television and other such teaching programs.

At last! We are now pleased to inform you that AiG, in cooperation with Cedarville University in Ohio, have released a brand new professionally filmed 12 part video series with Ken Ham—also available on DVD.

Filmed before a studio audience, each program is just under 30 minutes long, making it extremely suitable for class type situations. Dozens of Ken’s beautifully designed overhead transparencies, from AiG artist Dan Lietha, are used in each video. These high quality presentations are very suitable for showing on television.

This captivating, up-to-date series, with Ken Ham’s unique communication style and humor, will convict and challenge you and others in regard to the authority of the Word of God.

Ken’s dynamic teaching will equip people to be able to defend the Christian faith and uphold the authority of the Word of God in an increasingly secular culture. His engaging style appeals to young and old alike—from upper elementary through to adult.


  1. Is Genesis relevant today?

  2. Did God create in 6 literal days?

  3. Why is there death and suffering?

  4. Is there really a God?

  5. Do animals “evolve”?

  6. Where did the “races” come from?

  7. What is the only answer to racism?

  8. Dinosaurs—in the Bible?

  9. How can we raise godly children?

  10. Fossils and the Flood—what’s the connection?

  11. How can we evangelize a secular world? (part 1)

  12. How can we evangelize a secular world? (part 2)

Additional helps

We are also currently writing a comprehensive study sheet to accompany each video. These will be in full color, and should be available in Spring of 2001.

Also to be released in Spring of 2001 will be a series of CD-ROMs that will contain all the illustrations (and many additional ones) used in the videos. These will be able to be printed out and made into transparencies, or used in Powerpoint presentations to enable more in-depth teaching of the various topics covered in the videos.

Keep a watch on this website for announcements concerning these new products—or make sure you receive the AiG newsletter by signing up for it.

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