Carl Kerby

Carl Kerby, AiG speaker, board member

On November 17 & 18, Carl Kerby of AiG–USA, along with Dr. Jeff Myers of Summit Ministries, spoke to 160 college students and local residents at Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana.

These annual events are called “W.A.R. Weekends” (Witnessing, Apologetics, Relationships) and are conducted by Mr. Stewart Bennett, the director of the National Institute for the Development of Ministries to Youth of C.E. National.

The purpose of these weekends are to explain the various worldviews and to help people to give an answer for the reason for the hope that we have in Christ.

Mr. Bennett wants all Christians to “know what you believe and why you believe it.” He believes that we can accomplish this by using the AiG approach of reconnecting the Bible with the “real” world.

Dr. Myers ( did an excellent job of teaching on worldviews and their effect on the culture in which we live. Carl Kerby shared how we must allow God’s Word to be the absolute authority in our lives. When we do this we can use dinosaurs, fossils and DNA as tools to share the gospel of Christ.

As Christians we must turn to the Bible, not man’s opinion, for the answers to the problems we face in the world today. When we do this we will be able to be effective in reaching the lost, and will have answers to issues such as abortion, homosexuality, etc.

The most effective tool that we have is obedience to God, in particular to His commandment to spread the gospel message (Matthew 28:19–20). Isaiah 6:8 is especially apt here; the prophet says to God, “Here am I; send me.

Please be in prayer for an upcoming W.A.R. Weekend at Washington Bible College in Lanham, Maryland.

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