In a move that was not unexpected, the Kansas State Board of Education (USA) voted 7-3 on February 14 to add more evolutionary content to the state’s science standards—much more than what was contained in the prior standards approved in August 1999.

The science standards in the public schools of Kansas became a national controversy in 1999 because it was widely misreported by the mainstream media and prominent evolutionists that the state board of education had eliminated evolution from the school standards. Actually, references to evolution were in the 1999 standards. Misinformed Kansas voters went to the polls last November and elected new board members who campaigned on a platform to add more evolution to the state’s science standards.

In fact, the media disinformation campaign continued yesterday (February 14th) when newspapers around the country blared headlines such as: “Evolution restored: Board approves new science standards” (“Lawrence Journal-World” of Kansas). A similar headline appeared in AiG’s hometown newspaper, “The Cincinnati Enquirer.”—“Evolution Returns to Kansas Schools.” The teaching of evolution was in the 1999 standards, so evolution has not been “restored’, or has “returned” as the headlines declared.

Voting against the new standards were board members Dr Steve Abrams, Harold Voth, and John Bacon. Voicing his reasons behind his “nay” vote, Dr Abrams declared that he believed that evolution “is not good science” (“Lawrence Journal-World”).

To read the newly approved standards (as well as the prior standards to discover that evolution was indeed a part of the 1999 document), go to For AiG’s view on the new standards and its emphasis on evolution teaching, read our February 10 Web article.

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