Wouldn’t you just love to know that many of you will have your taxes used to aggressively “combat the creationist movement?”

On the “eve” of the March 17 groundbreaking of our Creation Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, some very alarming matters have surfaced in the U.S. some even using taxpayers” money:

  • The “Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology” has applied for a $500,000 grant (tax money) from the US government (through the NSF) to promote evolution teaching in schools.
  • A secular humanist camp called “Camp Quest” has received a grant from “The Institute for Humanist Studies” to expand its humanist youth camps across the USA!
  • “Dream Works” will be releasing a new movie entitled “Evolution.” And PBS television-supported by government funding-has just aired a new evolution series, “Triumph of Life.”
  • The “American Association for the Advancement of Science’-an organization partly funded by government grants-is part of a group that is “undertaking a project to support the teaching of evolution in the schools and combat efforts to teach creationism.”

And, of course, think also of tax-supported schools that teach evolution as fact.

We need God’s people to support the various Bible-upholding outreaches of AiG to enable us to counter such anti-Biblical propaganda. Thank you.

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