Have you ever received a postcard from a friend who was on vacation, with perhaps a picture of a beach with a caption: “Wish you were here?”

Well, as I read many of the letters and e-mails that arrive at AiG each day, I must say that I “wish you were here” to share in the excitement as we learn of life-changing testimonies:

“Your ministry was very instrumental in contributing to my husband’s salvation.” (K.F., AZ)

And another:

“[I] have used yours and Dr. Parker’s videotapes to conduct creation seminars. I have had several people tell me how much this study has strengthened their faith, and one man said he received Christ as a result of the seminar.”

Wow! That’s what it’s all about! The Lord is using this ministry to save people. How we “wish you were here” to rejoice with us as we read such mail.

Uh oh! Here’s a negative one. I get the distinct feeling this person doesn’t like me. Well, I recognize that it’s the Lord they are really mocking.

“Do you believe the earth is flat? Your Web site certainly exhibits flat-earth thinking, a thinking marked by extreme ignorance and the inability to accept reality. Wake up and smell the coffee, [expletive deleted].” (T.W.)

I’d be worried if AiG was not stirring things up! After all, we live in a world where “men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil” (John 3:19).

While you can’t be at the AiG office on a daily basis, I do hope these samples give you an encouraging glimpse of what it’s like to read the mail here.

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