Think of trying to do speaking ministry in just one week in all the following countries: Northern Ireland, India, United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa, Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, Mauritius, Philippines, Venezuela, Brazil, Norway, all Australian states, all Canadian provinces, and 46 US states. I can’t even begin to imagine the jet lag!

The exciting thing is that in just one week recently, people from these 16 countries availed themselves of our colorful illustrations right here on our Web site! They are now better prepared to uphold the authority of God’s Word, beginning in Genesis, and to teach it to others.

We recently began releasing the hundreds of illustrations I use in my talks (as overheads or in “PowerPoint’) here on the Web, so everyone can now have free access to them! Within the first week, hundreds of people from the countries listed above had registered with us to receive these free downloads!

In this “Internet world,” we now have the ability to potentially reach billions of people around the world with Biblical truths…and almost instantly!

But as you can imagine, all this takes a lot of talented and professional staff-and advanced electronic equipment. We try very hard to keep AiG on the cutting edge of technology so we can effectively reach the world with the Creation/Gospel message.

I am so grateful that our Web site means that our speakers don’t have to be jet-lagged as much! Your prayer and financial support will enable AiG to equip others to expand the vital message of the reliability of the Bible and the Gospel beyond what we ever thought would be possible through this wonderful new medium of the Web!

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