Heard any creative ways to give out the Gospel, lately? Almost every day Answers in Genesis is blessed to hear stories about how people are using our Bible-honoring materials to get out the Gospel! Just recently we heard about families hosting “video parties” at their homes, inviting friends and neighbors to see our exciting, new 12-part video Answers …with Ken Ham Seminar Series.

Professionally filmed at a seminar in Ohio, USA, this new series is quickly becoming one of the most popular videos Ken has ever released (also available on DVD). Conveniently formatted to run in 28-minute segments, the entire series is ideal for Sunday schools, classrooms, or Bible studies—ages 12 and up!

Here are some thrilling reports from “out there on the field.”

You guys are great!! My husband and I attended the 12-video series at a friend’s house, and then we turned around and hosted one at ours. What a wealth of information!

—D.K., Tucson, Arizona, USA

I cannot even find the words to express how much your ministry has meant to my family and me. I was 90% persuaded (on my own research) to become a Christian a year ago, but I had a stumbling block—evolution. Your Web site answered so many of my questions. I ordered your Answers in Genesis video series and by the end of it, I was saved, dependent on the Lord and grateful for His blood that He shed for me. My husband followed three months later.

I have been able to use creation evangelism so successfully with many others … [with] many saved.

So, I thank Ken Ham, and [what] he’s shared with me. [He has] my wholehearted support for how he has taken on the secular humanists. AIG is indispensable … to bring glory to His name and thousands of souls to His kingdom.

—L.V., Ontario, Canada

From Yemen!: Some time ago a friend of mine passed on to me a series of tapes from Ken Ham. My wife and I were very much blessed by the content. We also shared with our children about some things we learned and could see it helped them as well. We got so excited about the truth of Genesis that we passed on the tapes to a number of our friends.

—K.D., Yemen

Just finished your videos series as part of our small-group studies on Genesis. Look forward to utilizing a lot of your material as reference for an upcoming teaching series I am doing at our church.

—T.D., Evansville, Indiana, USA

Our pastor began one Wednesday night prayer meeting telling us that he had this series about Genesis on videotape he was going to show. He also said that if anybody was interested, he would continue the series on Wednesday nights.

Not only did we become interested, our congregation could not wait for the next in the series! Even our older members, who may not have had much of a formal education, were absolutely enthralled.

The tapes are constantly being checked out of the church library! One of our young people has been taking the series to an after-hours study at the local high school where 10-15 students, on their own time, are learning the truth about creation.

I showed the tapes to my father, who is a deacon at another local church. He became enthused, showed them to his pastor, and now they want a set.

My cousin saw the tapes, and now their church is interested. Whether you know it or not, this ministry is spreading. It’s entertaining. It’s informative. And, most of all, it is the truth of God’s power.

—B.G., Lenoir City, Tennessee, USA

Several people have been purchasing video sets and making them available to people for home studies. This is a great way for people to “get involved” in creation evangelism!

— Jay Horn, former AiG-US director of seminars and outreach

Having difficulty breaking the ice with friends and neighbors? Looking for the “perfect Christmas gift” for your pastor, Sunday school leader, or family member? Then the Answers … with Ken Ham Seminar Series might be just the thing for you!

The 12-part series, available on videotape or DVD, addresses the issues that everyone’s talking about.

  • Is Genesis relevant today?
  • Did God create in six literal days?
  • Why is there death and suffering?
  • Is there really a God?
  • Do animals “evolve’?
  • Where did the “races” come from?
  • What is the only answer to racism?
  • Dinosaurs—in the Bible?
  • How can we raise godly children?
  • Fossils and the Flood—what’s the connection?
  • How can we evangelize a secular world? (two parts)

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