The Astronomy Book

The Astronomy Book

by Dr. Jonathan Henry

The second book in the highly successful “Wonders of Creation” series. The Astronomy Book soars through the solar system! The reader will acquire a wealth of knowledge on subjects such as supernovas, red shift, facts about planets, and much more. Enhanced with dozens of color photos and illustrations including official NASA shots!


These lessons are geared for younger students. Many lessons will, however, include activities for the older student. Parents/teachers will easily find the answers to questions in the text, and should prepare themselves by reading the stated pages prior to having the student read the weekly assignment. If a child is not able to read yet, parents may wish to read the text to the student.


  • Pages 56–59


  • Psalm 84:11
  • Psalm 136:8
  • Ecclesiastes 1:5

Questions to answer:

  1. What is the underlying reason that we see such destruction in the heavens and on Earth?
  2. What is meant by “star death”?
  3. What are solar prominences? How do they differ from solar flares?
  4. What are “supernova remnants”? How are these evidence that the universe is not billions of years old?
  5. What two principles does the Crab Nebula illustrate?
  6. For older students: Write an essay which discusses the problems with the idea of “stellar evolution.” Include discussions of supernovae, star death, and star birth in the essay.

Words to know:

  • Ring nebula
  • Supernova
  • Supernova remnant

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Future activity:

1. In November, people in Europe and North America will be able to see the Leonid meteor storm. Find out more here.

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