On Sunday, 21 April, the Discovery Channel will be premiering “The Real Eve”, a program discussing the evolutionary-based “out of Africa” idea about the origin of all modern humans.

The Discovery Channel Web site invites viewers to join them as they “reveal how our shared genetic heritage links every living person on Earth. And then follow the expansion of modern humans throughout the world, from our fragile beginnings in Africa to our exodus through South Asia, down to Australia, up into Europe and finally into the Americas.” The program will teach that “despite our physical, psychological and cultural differences, every living person has at least one thing in common: We are all related to one woman who lived in eastern Africa more than 150,000 years ago: the so-called ‘Real Eve.’”

Sadly, however, rather than supporting the Biblical teaching that we are all descendants of Adam, and his real wife, Eve—as it may ostensibly seem to do—this “mitochondrial Eve” conjecture is just another attempt to undermine God’s Word.

For more detailed information on the problems with the “Real Eve” hypothesis, see:

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