The Intelligent Design (ID) movement has gained prominence in the Christian and secular world in recent times. Names like Phillip Johnson and Michael Behe have become well known in academic circles and through the media as a result of their involvement in this group.

Books like Darwin on Trial and Darwin’s Black Box (which we have sold) have indeed publicly challenged many on the issue of naturalistic evolution. Numerous newspaper articles and TV reports have devoted time to discussing this issue. The “ID” movement has featured prominently in regard to the battle concerning the teaching of evolution in schools in Ohio and other centers.

It certainly appears this movement is challenging the evolutionary establishment and stimulating people’s thinking concerning the possibility of a creator responsible for life and the universe. There is no doubt much controversy has been generated and public discussion ensued.

Many Christian leaders who do not otherwise support a literal Genesis creation have embraced the “ID” movement, applauding the efforts of these well qualified academicians and their critiques of Darwinian naturalism and insistence on an intelligence behind the Universe. For instance, Phillip Johnson has appeared on the influential Focus on the Family radio program.

This movement consists of organized and loosely knit academics and others who are challenging the evolutionary naturalism being taught as fact in most public (Government) schools and Universities in today’s world.

Answers in Genesis has been asked on numerous occasions to comment on the “ID” movement. Some have chastened us for not publicly supporting them (even though we do sell a couple of their books).

Concerning the “ID” movement:

  • What are the beliefs of its prominent leaders?
  • ID tactics and the identity of the “Intelligent Designer(s)”
  • How does it relate to Biblical Christianity?
  • Will it likely succeed in bringing down the strongholds of evolution?
  • In what ways is this group similar to or different from the mainstream creation movement as represented by AiG?
  • How should/does AiG regard it?
  • Should Christian leaders wholeheartedly embrace it?
  • How does the scientific establishment see it?

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