Incredibly, a professor from the University of Texas (Dallas) recently instructed on-line students (on his university’s Web site) with this:

“Never cite a religious science source such as ICR, Answers in Genesis, or anything else like that … if the thesis of your paper is anti-evolutionary (akin to arguing against the germ theory of disease or against the atomic theory of matter) you will receive a failing grade.”

A professor at Texas Tech University has written some alarming anti-creationist comments about letters of recommendation, which are required for students to enter medical school [see Dunce Cap for Creationists?]. It also shows the degree of anti-Christian bias which now pervades the secular education system:

“[Someone who denies evolution] has committed malpractice regarding the method of science … how can someone who denies the theory of evolution—the very pinnacle of modern biological science—ask to be recommended into a scientific profession by a professional scientist?”

He and his university are now being questioned by the Justice Department on the grounds of religious discrimination.

I believe this anti-Christian bigotry is really just the tip of the iceberg. Across the US, many students have told me of similar things being said by their professors. And some have been denied their degrees because they were discovered to be creationists.

I believe as America continues to lose the foundation of the authority of the Word of God, the increasingly secular worldview will produce an increasingly blatant anti-Christian philosophy. The humanists know that one of the major threats to their agenda is the creation movement as it proclaims the truth of the historical record of the Word of God.

The real battle for the minds and souls of people is at the foundational level of the authority of the Word of God versus the theories and opinions of man—in essence, the creation/evolution issue.

Answers in Genesis is not only equipping the church to fight the battle, it is also challenging the world’s system—a massive spiritual battle.

Your gift of any amount will be prayerfully applied, trusting that it will be mightily used by God to change society.

As things heat up, please help uphold the authority of God’s Word, answer the skeptics of the age and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ so people will listen, understand, and respond.

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