Dr Don DeYoung, professor of physics at Grace College1 (Winona Lake, Indiana, USA), is featured in the spring issue of Grace Magazine for “raising the bar” at his college campus—and worldwide. His article “Does Creation Really Matter?” stresses the driving passion of his life: the preeminent importance of teaching the correct view of creation and the age of the earth.

Dr Don DeYoung

Dr Don DeYoung, professor of physics at Grace College.

As a young Christian, Dr DeYoung believed the earth was billions of years old, but he struggled with reconciling evolution and Scripture. Then one weekend, in the midst of graduate studies, he attended a church conference where the speaker expressed the “radical idea” that the Bible should be taken at face value, including its history of a young earth.

The talk changed his life.

The name of the speaker was John C. Whitcomb, co-author of the classic The Genesis Flood (and an alumnus of Grace Theological Seminary, where DeYoung later earned an M.Div.).2

Since then, Dr DeYoung has risen to leadership in the young-earth creation movement, serving as president of Creation Research Society and chairman of the department of physical science at Grace College. He has been a prolific author, writing many popular Bible-science books for children and adults, including:

Several of Dr DeYoung’s articles, written for AiG’s publications Creation and TJ, are posted on this website, including 11400 and 11072. He has graciously allowed us to post several excerpts from his book Astronomy and the Bible, giving simple answers to big questions about astronomy, e.g. Do stars evolve? and Was there a big bang? in Astronomy and the Bible.

Dr DeYoung, who has spoken for AiG in the past, says of his relationship with us:

“Answers in Genesis is of great help to my integration of the Bible and science. The AiG team has hit on a good balance of research, education, and outreach. They always go the ‘extra mile’ to be truthful with science data. AiG is hospitable to fellow creationists, and respectful of opponents in the spirit of 1 Peter 3:15. It is an honor for me to be associated with AiG.”

We praise the Lord for the privilege of working with wonderful Christians like Dr DeYoung. It’s a thrill to see such leaders serving in colleges and seminaries worldwide, proclaiming the most vital message of our day: God’s Word can be trusted from its very first verse.

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  1. Carl Kerby, AiG board member and speaker, has spoken at Grace College (see AiG Goes to W.A.R.!). Dr DeYoung’s article in Grace Magazine observes: “Our college chapel program welcomes creationist speakers from the Creation Research Society, the Institute for Creation Research, and Answers in Genesis.” Back
  2. Interestingly, the two men later co-authored a book entitled The Moon: Its Creation, Form and Significance (Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, 1978). Back