I must admit that sometimes I have a burden that causes me to inwardly groan. It comes when I must respond to Christians (especially pastors) who just don’t understand how vital the ministry of AiG really is during this anti-God time … and thus won’t support us.

Recently, a person wrote me detailed letters, pleading with me not to be so adamant about the six literal days of creation and a young earth. He said that I should admit that as long as we agree on the truth of the gospel, that’s really all that’s ultimately important.

He wrote: “While I am concerned about the truth of the YEC/OEC [Young-Earth Creation/Old-Earth Creation] issues, it is accurate to say I am more concerned about our inability to celebrate our common salvation in Christ.”

Well, I certainly agree that, ultimately, the most important thing for anyone is that they are saved—regardless of what they believe about Genesis, the age of earth, etc.

But I usually write back to such persons to share with them that AiG is dealing with something that is even much, much greater than creation/evolution issues.

I explain that the message of salvation comes from hearing the Bible (‘faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God’—Romans 10:17). But how does our culture view the Bible today? It sees many in the church compromising Scripture with millions of years, the big bang, etc. The result: the authority of the Bible in the culture has been undermined.

Millions today don’t listen to the gospel as they used to, and Christian morality is being removed from the culture (as society has been indoctrinated to believe that the Bible is not trustworthy). In fact, the culture is becoming more and more anti-Christian every day.

Look where England is today with only 7.5% attending church (compared to 40–50% before the last World War), and now very little Christian influence is left in public life. This is where America will be tomorrow, and for the same reason: compromise over the Bible.

I was recently reflecting on AiG’s ministry in the year 2003—especially the people AiG has reached through various outreaches. We have received a tremendous number of emails and letters from people testifying to salvation or now being on fire for the Lord.

I also contemplated the graphic pictures of the Ten Commandments being ripped out of a public school in Ohio, and also being wheeled out of a court building in Alabama.

At about this same time, I saw the movie Luther. You may recall that I have often likened the ministry of AiG to that of Martin Luther—to bring reformation to the church, and to call the church back to the authority of the Word of God beginning in Genesis. This is all a part of the rebuilding of the foundation of God’s Word in the culture—so that millions will listen to the saving gospel and adopt a Christian worldview and morality.

The movie was very true to history. A number of times, Luther reminded me of AiG. He would say something like, “If you can show me from Scripture what I have written or stated is wrong, I will recant—but you must show me from Scripture.”

The film’s climax was the scene in Worms (Germany) where Luther was brought before the church leaders, who demanded that he recant his beliefs. I must admit, tingles went up my spine as Luther stated, “Here I stand [on Scripture]. I can do no other. God help me.”

Wow! That’s the ministry of AiG in a nutshell. Here we stand on Scripture … we can do no other. God help us!

This cry of Luther’s started the Reformation that spread around the world. I wanted to get up and shout: “We need a new reformation to get back to the authority of the Word of God, because most of the church has given it up … beginning in Genesis.”


Recently, AiG’s Dan Lietha drew a cartoon (a serious one) to communicate this vital message. We’ve included it for you as a reminder not only of the foundational battle in the culture, but how the Lord has raised up AiG today to do battle for the church [click on image].

In fact, please pass the cartoon around. Then perhaps we’ll soon hear more salvation testimonies like the one from Caleb in New Mexico, who distributes AiG web articles:

“I printed off a lot of the articles. One of the girls who had a biology class with me started coming to church. She [later] told me that I really made her think [and she got saved], and asked to be baptized.”

A belief in evolutionary ideas and old ages is a huge stumbling-block today as we share the gospel—and as we seek to reform the culture with biblical moral truths.

I’m thankful that your support of the creation/gospel message is being used by God to make a difference in people’s lives—and the culture. It’s having an impact! Praise God!

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