An outpouring of generosity for those impacted by Hurricane Katrina has come into Answers in Genesis–USA (through the website and at the AiG Creation Museum’s drop-off site) as a work team prepares this week to take nearly 3,000 backpacks, including much-needed school supplies for public school students in the community of Ocean Springs, Mississippi (2,965 actual supplied backpacks plus enough additional supplies to equip a total of 4,000 students).

In the past week and a half, AiG’s friends and supporters have donated towards the student backpacks and have helped AiG to provide personal hygiene kits which will be distributed by First Baptist Church of Ocean Springs. They have also donated blankets, pillows, toilet paper, soap, diapers, and other needed supplies.

Since Ken Ham, AiG-USA president, announced the ministry’s Katrina outreach project on September 9, approximately $33,000 has been raised for backpacks and school supplies, and another $9,000 plus for 500 toiletry kits, extra school supplies and personal grooming items.

Throughout this outreach effort, the response of God’s people has been overwhelming. Approximately 40 students and adults have volunteered to fill the backpacks with supplies, put together the toiletry kits, load the trailers, etc. Others, like the 25-year-old son of a volunteer tour guide at the AiG Creation Museum, are giving up their vacation time (and in this case, his birthday plans) in order to be the hands and feet of Jesus to this hurting community.

Several companies have joined forces to support the initiative and are providing the use of a tractor trailer at no cost, donating shipping cartons needed to transport the freight to Mississippi, providing free labor, etc.

Another amazing praise is that our newest speaker, surgeon Dr. Tommy Mitchell (who “just so happens” to live right on the way to Ocean Springs), will get to share a message this coming Sunday on the subject of God and suffering to members of First Baptist Church (where Ken Ham was originally scheduled to speak during an AiG conference). Many visitors from the community are expected to attend the special services which the pastor has declared, “Public School Sunday.”

God has certainly answered many prayers and continues to do so. Please continue to check Ken Ham’s blog for daily reports and keep on praying for this special outreach effort. Keep the following schedule in mind as you pray:

Tentative schedule for AiG’s outreach to Katrina victims

  • Monday (9/19): Student backpacks (2,965) arrive at AiG–USA.
  • Tuesday (9/20): Assembly of backpacks, bulk supplies and hygiene kits begins.
  • Wednesday (9/21):
    • Assembly of backpacks, bulk supplies and hygiene kits to be completed.
    • Semi-trailer and AiG book trailers to be loaded.
  • Thursday (9/22):
    • (Pre-dawn) Crew #1 (eight staff members and volunteers) to begin caravan to Mississippi.
    • (Evening) Crew #1 to arrive in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.
  • Friday (9/23):
    • (Morning) Crew #2 (three person video team) heads to Ocean Springs for recording Dr. Tommy Mitchell on Sunday morning.
    • Tractor-trailer arrives in Ocean Springs.
    • Crew #1 to join First Baptist Church pastor Mike Barnett and others for demolition, cleanup, etc.
    • (Evening) Crew #2 to arrive in Ocean Springs.
  • Saturday (9/24): AiG crews do “whatever is needed” for the church and community.
  • Sunday (9/25):
    • (Morning) Dr. Tommy Mitchell has been asked to speak at First Baptist’s 10:00 a.m. service on the subject “A God of Suffering?”
    • Backpacks for public school students, hygiene kits for church members and other donated items to be presented.
    • AiG crews do “whatever is needed” for the church and community.
  • Monday (9/26):
    • (Pre-dawn) AiG crews depart Mississippi to return to Kentucky.
    • (Evening) AiG crews arrive in Kentucky (worn out!).

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