AiG has been so encouraged to receive the strong support of many church leaders for its Creation Museum project near Cincinnati, Ohio. These pastors (and other Christian leaders) represent a broad spectrum of Bible-believing churches and denominations.1

Few Christian leaders, though, have been as gracious to AiG–USA than radio pastor and prolific author Dr. John MacArthur, the expositional pastor at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California (just north of Los Angeles). His passion for proclaiming biblical truths is manifested in the fact that he leads two significant theological training institutions (which AiG heartily recommends as Genesis-defending schools): Master’s College and Master’s Seminary, both of which have featured AiG speakers over the years, including Ken Ham, AiG–USA president.

Although Dr. MacArthur oversees these institutions as well as a book and tape ministry called “Grace to You,” he would tell you that his primary role is that of pastor to his large flock. His independent community church is the hub from which many ministries radiate, including the annual “Shepherds’ Conference” attended by about 3,000 pastors each year (two AiG representatives attended this conference in early March).

Dr. MacArthur, whose “MacArthur Study Bible” features excellent study notes on the book of Genesis, was kind enough to record a video clip in support of AiG’s Creation Museum, an evangelistic center to open in the spring of 2007.

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  1. Including: Dr. James Kennedy, a Presbyterian (and the honorary chairperson for the museum project); Dr. Jerry Falwell, a Southern Baptist; Pastor Chuck Smith, founder of the Calvary Chapel movement; et al. Back