A brand-new journal containing the latest fascinating research on biblical and scientific topics is now available! Answers In-Depth: The Journal of Biblical and Scientific Studies will contain new articles on creation science, apologetics and biblical authority issues. Answers In-Depth will equip Christians to defend the faith by presenting the latest cutting-edge research in the fields of biology, astronomy, physics, geology, chemistry, archeology, paleontology, genetics, mathematics, philosophy and theology—all from a biblical worldview.

This new journal is geared for the “techie”—those who want the “meaty” details rather than a synopsis of the issues. In fact, some articles appearing in our new, family-oriented Answers Magazine will have a corresponding “technical” expanded version in Answers In-Depth.

Answers In-Depth is a “cyber-journal”; it exists online as a part of the Answers in Genesis website. This format makes Answers In-Depth a rather unique resource in creation literature and allows for many innovative possibilities. For example, a contributing author may want to include a video or audio file as part of his or her research—something quite difficult to include in paper journals.

Answers In-Depth is a peer-reviewed journal. Every article will be checked by experts in the corresponding field of study to ensure accuracy. This iron-sharpening-iron process is foundational to good research and has its basis in Scripture (Proverbs 27:17).

And to top it all off, this new journal is completely free of charge and is available to everyone online. Think of this as our way of saying “thanks” for your continuing support. Anyone connected to the internet will be able to access these faith-building articles on science and Scripture as they are posted (quasi-monthly).

So be sure to check out this exciting new resource starting with our very first article (a technical version of yesterday’s Bird Flu article), Genetic Variance of Influenza Type A Avian Virus and its Evolutionary Implications.

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