I loved Robert “Tommy” Mitchell's June 20th article on “Two very different views On evolution and medicine.” It is about time someone really pointed out the fallacy that medicine and other science's cannot survive without the belief in evolution.

Beyond this however, is the thought of how much has been lost to science and medicine due to the last century of false based science. One must think how different it may have been in medicine had scientist understood us as fallen creatures winding down, not improving.

Studies of DNA from our ancesters may well show less defective DNA than exist in our corrupted bodies. Research like this could someday allow us to correct some genetic deseases. However, you do not often hear of scientist doing this research and when they do, they assign differences to environment or other factors, never to the fallen nature of man.

Also, how much more could be gained in the search of natural resources, understanding earthquakes, volcanos, etc. if research was done from a global flood (Genesis)presumption and not millions of years bunk? “Don't they ever wonder why there is so much coal all over the world?”

Anyway, thank you and AIG for your efforts in putting science and its studies in their proper place. That being, the ultimate search in understanding the work our Creator, Healer and Savior.


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