First of all let me say this has got to be the most exciting web site i have ever come across since i began studying the Bible 54 years ago. Before the PC. Here is my Genisis Question. In chapter ten as they run through the Descenndants of Noah It all seems pretty normal and then in verse 20 it says “These are the descendants of Ham, spread abroad in many lands and nations, with MANY languages.” Then the family tree continues and again in 31 it says they were classified according to their political groupings, LANGUAGES, and geographical locations but then when it goes to chapter 11 the first line says AT THAT TIME ALL MANKIND SPOKE A SINGLE LANQUAGE. I just can’t figure out the switch here. Can you help me?

I just want to say thanks for your wonderful ministry.

I’m 16, and today I gave a talk to my Christian youth group about creation. I advertised it a lot, so I got a few evolution believeing students. I explained what science really is, and how historical science is based on intepretation. They went away seriously questioning what they had been taught. As well as this, the Christians in the group were very grateful, it’s a real faith building topic.

Thank you so much AIG for giving us the knowledge to spread God’s word with certainty, without any compromise.

M.C., Worthing, England

Thank you for contacting Answers in Genesis. Also, thank you for the kind words—we appreciate hearing from those who have been affected by our ministry. The answer to your question is actually quite simple. What we have in Genesis 10 is a general overview of what happened, but then Genesis 11 goes into more detail of why and how the nations were divided according to their languages.

There is a similar construction in Genesis 1 and 2. Genesis 1 gives an overview of creation, but then Genesis 2 goes into more detail about a specific day, Day 6 (for more information, see also Get Answers: Genesis). You often find the same thing in other history books. For instance, one chapter may contain an overview of World War II, along with a list of major events. But the very next chapter could go into detail about what the world was like in the years before WWII and what events led up to the war.

I pray this is helpful.

David Wright

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