Bodie, Ken, and team,

I like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful witness to the world that the Bible can be trusted from the very first verse. I am sorry if I have repeated myself again in feedback to you but I like to be a Barnubus if and when I can. I have always believed in the creation message and its importance for the Gospel, and with your resources, have brought my family to believe the importance of creation…my kids are getting bold enought to stand for the Word of God in public school…Anyway, I just read your feedback and it is right on the mark and in a kind loving tone to the scientist who emailed the feedback. My faith is strengthened day by day by your Word based Bible upholding ministry. Thank God for all of you and if and where I can, I like to be a small part of your ministry, showing skeptics the login. Can't wait until the museum opens. To me I will enjoy the ride from NJ to Kentucky knowing the great work will build up my family and others even more.

Thank you,

Yours in Christ,

Kevin Lauricella

I just want to thank Ken Ham and all those at AIG for such a wonderful ministry. By faith, I've always believed in the Bible. However, after reading your articles and watching your video clips, I feel more equipped to handle tough questions that unbelievers may have. I will pray that God will continue to bless your ministry as well as recommend its resources to other associates. Thanks again…J. (USA)

Thank you for your clear thinking!" Come now,& let us reason together"….Isa 1:18 Idon't read anywhere "let us speculate alone" thank you….God bless Bob. (R.S.A.)

Thank you AiG for your concise word about the 'religion' of humanism. Why doesn't the church retain equal 1st Amendenment rights when the Supreme Court has declared Secular Humainism a religion? Are only activist judges the ones who decide religious rights cases? Blessings,

– B.G.

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