I believe I first heard the word “collective” while watching a Star Trek television program about something called the “Borg.”

Now, some of you may be thinking: “But many of Star Trek’s programs are evolution-based.” I know, but then ... they are fiction after all, as is evolution!

The “Borg” are cyborgs who assimilate beings into their “collective” and take away their individuality—essentially brainwashing them.

... we will challenge people to think for themselves (including those visitors who may have been indoctrinated and “assimilated” by the ideas of the secular world).

Now, that’s totally different from our Creation Museum (and the entire creation ministry in general around the world), where we will challenge people to think for themselves (including those visitors who may have been indoctrinated and “assimilated” by the ideas of the secular world).

I want to tell you about a very special “collective” that God has used to build the Creation Museum.

I have personally escorted dozens of professional people from the secular business world through the museum. They often make statements like: “I can’t believe you built this place for only $27 million. We couldn’t build this for under $100 million.”

There’s no doubt AiG’s Creation Museum near Cincinnati is an impressive place. God has brought tremendously talented people to work here. In fact, one of America’s leading anti-creationists who recently came here said the museum is “worrisome” because it is so first class. You see, she is greatly concerned that children will be convinced by what’s presented in the museum because it’s so well done!

I love endorsements like that!

AiG, through the wonderful support of God’s people, has been able to build a museum with outstanding exhibits—“world-class” displays, as some visitors have described them—using cutting-edge technology. With about 60,000 square feet containing exhibits, four theaters, a planetarium, animatronic animals and people ... plus over a mile of nature trails on 49 acres ... this place is unique.

How could a place like this be built for such a low cost using only private donations (no government funding or for-profit investments)? After all, Disneyland or Universal Studios will spend well over $100 million just on one ride alone.

Well, it’s because of the “collective.” Thousands of volunteers have worked here over the past few years. They’ve built our bridges along the nature trail, and they’ve built the outside decks for Noah’s Café. Others have worked in the fabrication shop, and so it goes.

But it’s not just the volunteer groups. Groups of skilled sculptors, fabricators, painters, graphic artists—in fact, every department of the AiG ministry has been involved one way or another in the building of the Creation Museum.

There are other groups. Various contractors have given us extra-special prices or have donated their services altogether.

Yes, what a “collective” the Lord brought here! All I can do is praise Him for this miracle He has performed at the museum. Like the boy with his meager lunch, given to Jesus, our donations and abilities have been given to the Lord, and He has multiplied them … and now through His hand He will “feed” multitudes—probably tens of millions in the years to come!

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