In the main hall of AiG’s just-opened Creation Museum, visitors see two animatronic children next to a pond and a gorgeous nearby waterfall. Both children look very real. In fact, the young girl is heard giggling as she feeds a squirrel, and the boy to her right is seen stirring a stick in the waterfall’s pond.

But why have these two animatronic children captured the attention of the world’s news media?

These two children have become famous around the world! How? In the past few months almost every one of the scores of reporters from secular newspapers, magazines, and TV outlets who have visited the museum have photographed these two children. Their photo has appeared in newspapers (even on the front page a number of times) and magazines around the world, plus on several websites and blogs. Video clips of the children have been seen by untold millions via the major news networks worldwide.

But why have these two animatronic children captured the attention of the world’s news media? It’s because of what’s beside them: two animatronic baby T. rex dinosaurs!

The two dinosaurs with the two children have not only become the most photographed part of the Creation Museum, but this scene may have become the most-reported place in the Christian world over the past six months.

So why do dinosaurs and children together capture the attention of the secular world? It’s not because they are hi-tech (although the animatronics are impressive). It’s because these two children and two dinosaurs make one of the clearest visual statements possible against the earth being millions of years old and Darwinian evolution being possible.

Children in Museum Lobby

One of the first things visitors to the Creation Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio, see as they enter the main lobby will be children playing alongside dinosaurs.

You see, dinosaurs have become an icon for millions of years and molecules-to-man evolution. According to the evolution belief system, dinosaurs died out over 60 million years before humans evolved. Evolutionist museums and dinosaur books state this as fact.

Most evolutionists are so dogmatic about this, that there is no possibility that dinosaurs and people could ever have lived at the same time.

As soon as secular reporters walk into the main hall of the Creation Museum and see the young T. rex dinosaurs and children together, they recognize immediately that we’re making very strong statements:

  1. The supposed millions of years for the age of fossils (and the earth and universe) are simply not true.
  2. Molecules-to-man evolution is not true either.

All over the world, most children and adults have heard about dinosaurs. They automatically associate “millions of years” when they hear or see the word dinosaur—and they would also think that dinosaurs and humans didn’t live at the same time.

Another statement that the animatronic dinosaurs and children convey here at the Creation Museum is that the Bible’s history in Genesis is clear and true: God created the land animals (including dinosaurs) as well as the first two people (Adam and Eve) on the sixth day of creation.

Evolutionary scientists must have millions of years in order to convince people that life has evolved. As people understand that the evolutionary idea of millions of years is not logical—from Scripture or from observable science—then they easily see that molecules-to-man evolution is impossible.

In the Flood geology room of the Creation Museum, you will find a number of exhibits that tell visitors about the problems with the geologic dating methods, and that there is actually overwhelming evidence that confirms a young age for the earth and fossils (of thousands of years).

One of the scientists who helped AiG put this series of exhibits together is Dr. Kurt Wise, who received his Ph.D. in paleontology from Harvard University. Another research scientist that museum visitors will meet (in a video) is Dr. Andrew Snelling, who has a Ph.D. in geology from the University of Sydney.

In the Flood geology room, guests receive a lot of scientific information that confirms what is seen in the main hall: that dinosaurs did not die out millions of years before people appeared.

What a buzz one photograph of two dinosaurs and two children has already created! Truly, this photo is worth a thousand words and says it all: “The Bible is true!”

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