How do two young students perceive the Creation Museum and the evidence they find there? That’s the question that a segment running on CBN’s The 700 Club will answer tomorrow (October 2). The two students toured the museum back in June of this year while a film crew captured their experience and many of the exhibits throughout the museum.

AiG’s own Dr. Jason Lisle also spent a great deal of time answering the students’ questions concerning the age of the earth and the nature of science. We pray that many of these answers will be included so that those who watch will be uplifted in their faith.

The segment will air on tomorrow’s edition of The 700 Club (please check your local TV programming guide for channels and times). After the show, be sure to visit CBN’s website to view a longer version of the segment with more footage and answers.

Please pray that the Lord will use this and continue to open avenues for the creation-gospel message to reach around the world.

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