How could a good God create a world so full of death, disease, and darkness? Pain and suffering afflict even the most seemingly innocent people, and animals rip each other apart in a desperate attempt to survive. How could any rational person think a benevolent being was behind so much death and suffering?

The world wasn’t always this way. Genesis tells us, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth . . . and it was very good” (Genesis 1:1, 31). But everything changed drastically 32 verses later when Adam and Eve’s rebellious act against God brought sin into the world. The once “very good” world that God created became torn and broken as sin marred the perfection that once was.

The July–September issue of Answers magazine highlights the affects of sin on this fallen universe, with consequences ranging from predators to prey, from spiritual to physical. But even in a world marred by corruption, we are not without hope.

An Inside Look

Here is a preview of some of the compelling content you’ll find in this important issue:

  • Lessons From the Fall”—In this overview of Genesis 3, Dr. W. Gary Phillips explores how evil came into the world, using God’s account of the fall as his basis. He also discusses four lessons evident from mankind’s sin and why it makes a difference in our lives.
  • “Good Designs Gone Bad”—If God made a perfect world, where did diseases come from? By taking a close look at some common microbes, Dr. Joe Francis reveals possible hints to their original purpose.
  • “Designed to Kill in a Fallen World”—Rick Oliver outlines the overwhelming evidence of design through the large variety found within the world of snakes.
  • Divinely Designed Defenses”—Gordon Wilson takes the reader on a whirlwind tour of the prey’s defenses against the predator. From chemicals to coloring, God’s care for the seemingly helpless reveals His love—even for a fallen creation.
  • “Why do God’s Children Suffer?”—In this moving article, Joni Eareckson Tada shares her life’s story as a quadriplegic. Through the pain and calamities in life, God’s control comes through in all circumstances—even ones that seem overwhelming—for His good purposes.
  • “Demons on a Leash”—Exploring the spiritual ramifications of the fallen world, C. Fred Dickason asserts the reality of demons and how to defend ourselves as Christians in the spiritual war raging all around us.
  • “The Most Horrific Graveyard in the World”—Ken Ham compares the fossil record to the biblical account. After exploring the catastrophic events that formed the fossil record, he leads the reader to the New Testament Ark—the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • “The Splendor of Thorns”—Thorns are truly an ugly blotch on God’s beautiful creation and a reminder of judgment. But even man’s sin, and the subsequent curse of thorns, was not outside of God’s plan. Jud Davis follows the trail of thorns that God weaved throughout the history of salvation.
  • “The Search for a Cursed Cosmos”—Astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle reveals how Adam’s fall affected stars, galaxies, and planets. By re-examining what it means to be “bad,” he shows that appearances can be deceiving.
  • “Radiometric Dating: Back to Basics”—As the first in Dr. Andrew Snelling’s three-part, semi-technical series concerning radiometric dating, this article explains how radiometric dating methods work—and where they don’t.


  • “Opportunities to Shine”—Surrounded by all this death, decay, and devastation, what can one person do to make a difference? Chances to serve are everywhere, and this article gives a few pointers to get started.
  • “Stem Cell Research: Life-Saving Alternative”—The secular media often forget to mention an alternate source of stem cells, adult stem cells, which have already proven beneficial—without taking a life.
  • “Quieter than a Speeding Bullet”—Dr. Don DeYoung discusses how God’s design of the kingfisher bird inspired Japan’s new bullet trains to reduce noise pollution and energy consumption.

Kids Answers and More

  • Kids Answers—Using a colorful comic book format, this edition takes kids through the bad news of sin to the good news of the redeeming Savior.
  • The informative pull-out chart lists eight effects of sin on the world, ranging from growing older to the existence of carnivores. This is useful not only as a teaching guide, but also as a reminder of what sin brought and what Christ rescues us from.
  • And don’t miss the great teaching articles on the Christian walk by Ray Comfort, Al Mohler, and Russell Moore in this issue.

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