Are you scratching your head about all the recent buzz over the so-called “God particle,” “Higgs boson,” the several-billion-dollar collider under the Alps, and how they all supposedly relate to the origins of the universe? If you have been following the news stories, you would think that the elusive “God particle” is considered the key to understanding how mass was formed right after an alleged big bang. Does it? Also, don’t let God’s name in the nickname confuse you; this is a totally secular effort by scientists to explain the universe without a Creator.

Ultimately, it’s as much a collision of ideas as it is particles. As we prep our analysis of yesterday’s Higgs boson claim (which we will post Saturday on this website in our News to Note column), read our previous article, Beams Collide Today in Expensive Hadron Collider, to help make sense of this confusing topic and also discover what the Bible declares about the universe’s creation.

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