The idea that humans and chimpanzees are related species is an evolutionary concept almost ingrained in society. Three recent news items propagate this false belief:

  • Flamboyant TV star Pamela Anderson wrote a guest column for the Wall Street Journal, arguing that the mistreatment of chimps in animal shows and TV ads is “no way to treat a relative.”1
  • There were reports of talk to reclassify chimpanzees from the Pan genus to the Homo genus (i.e., a human species).
  • A genome study was released that led some evolutionary scientists to conclude that hominids (man’s supposed ancestors) may have mated with chimps, yielding a hybrid species.2
  • The Bible teaches that humans trace back to one man and one woman. Genetically, this makes sense of the evidence,3 and it confirms that we are all of “one blood” (Acts 17:26).

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  2. Actually, the genome study did not provide anything new to show that chimps and humans came from a common ancestor. Furthermore, some evolutionists, such as Dr. John Hawks, have pointed out problems with this hybridization idea, dawn_chumans_patterson_2006.html. Back
  3. As AiG has often stated, there remain many significant differences between human and chimp DNA. For example, read the article by Dr. David DeWitt at Back