My parents were diligent to take my brothers and me to church every Sunday, and over the years I sat through hundreds (thousands!) of sermons, Sunday school classes, kids club meetings, youth group events, and VBS programs. But I never got the big, chronological picture of earth history. Church specialized in popular Bible stories and the life of Jesus, but it left most of history, and almost all of science, to the local public school.

In a sense, I was getting “Life 102” without the “Life 101” prerequisite.

I got along fine, most of the time, but pieces were missing—information gaps—about life in general and the Christian life in particular.

Sadly, we often hear that sort of thing from kids, teens, adults, and even grandparents. Information gaps in earth history are common today. But research and writing by scientists who believe in a young earth has progressed greatly in recent years.

“Sometimes we get so caught up in debates about the details of earth history that we lose sight of the big picture. This issue of the magazine brings us back to the big picture. God’s Word is true in every respect, and so when we interpret the world in light of His Word, we can begin to put all the pieces together. God’s Word is the key.”

Ken Ham, President/CEO,
Answers in Genesis–USA

That’s why I love this issue of Answers so much! It introduces the latest creation models and reveals the big picture of earth history. It’s amazing to me just how interrelated our understanding of the world is to our understanding of the Bible and, in turn, our personal “heart response” to God’s awesome power and holiness.

Answers magazine and its authors are steadfastly committed to the inerrancy and authority of the Old and New Testaments. As such, we are committed to examining and interpreting the earth’s evidence in light of the reality of the very real God who recorded for us the key events in the history of life on earth, beginning at the beginning.

Most of us have at least one nagging question locked somewhere deep in our minds and hearts just waiting to be answered. When that weight is removed, we experience a new excitement to share our discovery.

That may happen to you more than once in this issue—as you read how current scientific models help explain the fossil record, glaciers, global warming, and much more.

I suspect this issue will give you several “ah ha!” moments as it addresses your nagging questions. It did me!

For the Creator’s glory,

Dale Mason, Publisher

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