Now is the time to start thinking about memorable summer activities for your children or grandchildren. Christian camps that focus on the truth of the Bible through creation activities and solid apologetics teaching are a popular option for summertime learning and fun. Here are a few to consider.

Camp Sunrise (Fairmount, Georgia)

Along with standard Christian camp amenities, Camp Sunrise offers two special treats—a museum and planetarium. The museum houses thirteen dioramas dedicated to days of creation, and the planetarium has numerous programs honoring the Creator. The fall family camp offers relaxing weekends with plenty of free time for families to play, hike, or fish together.

Idyllwild Pines Camp (Idyllwild, California)

Christian camps

Christian camps offer much more than just fun with friends—they offer an opportunity for spiritual growth of the whole family.

This retreat and conference center operates year-round to provide a place for outdoor Christian education. Groups of all sizes can enjoy skating, swimming, hiking, biking, and horseback riding while learning about creation. Idyllwild Pines also offers a very special Creation Camp.

Canoe Creation (Blue Rock, Ohio)

This mobile camp goes to any stream in the Ohio Valley to teach groups about the glories of creation. Depending on the area, campers enjoy canoe trips, rappelling, spelunking, hiking, in-depth creation studies, and family camps. They also have a science center with a creation walk exhibit.

Timber-Lee Christian Center (East Troy, Wisconsin)

Christian camps

In the summer, Timber-lee hosts week-long camps for grades 2–12. Campers enjoy a variety of activities, including trail rides, high ropes, and paintball. Retreat facilities are available year-round.

Living Waters Bible Camp (Westby, Wisconsin)

This year-round camp uses the exciting truth of recent creation and the beauty of nature to teach campers about God. Depending on the time of year, campers can enjoy swimming, a climbing tower, a zip line, hiking, archery, ice skating, cross-country skiing, and more. While enjoying the camp’s activities, young people learn about God and His creation through an on-site six-day Creation Museum.

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