Opportunities for Christians to do rigorous science from a young-earth perspective are increasing.

Plans to refine the creation model just took a giant leap forward. For the first time, a fully accredited Christian liberal arts college, which teaches a young-earth and worldwide flood cataclysm, is offering an undergraduate degree in geology. Cedarville University in Ohio, USA, recently announced that a bachelor of science program in geology will begin this fall.

Cedarville Geology Class

Cedarville University’s new geology program led by John Whitmore (in hat) will include extensive hands-on field work. Photo courtesy of Cedarville University

Dr. John Whitmore, associate professor of geology and respected creation researcher, says the new program will “introduce students to both naturalistic and young-earth views, equipping them for continued study and careers in the various industries within geology.” The university promises rigorous coursework that will include extensive hands-on and field experience.

According to Whitmore, “It is extremely important to develop critical thinking skills within the minds of young scientists. We believe that using a two-model approach of earth history will be advantageous to our students over others who are only taught a one-model, naturalistic approach.”

If you are interested in pursuing a career in geology, visit www.cedarville.edu/academics/sciencemath/geology/.

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