Evolutionists often cite antibiotic resistance in bacteria as evidence for “evolution in action.” While creationists have consistently pointed out the flaws in this idea, how do they explain the role of other microbes, such as viruses, fungi, and protozoans in God’s creation?

The upcoming Microbe Forum will bring creation scientists together to discuss questions about microbiology as it relates to the creation model.

Admittedly, the study of microbes’ role in God’s design for nature has been largely neglected, partly because the Bible does not tell us when they were created. In addition, the number of microbial species that have yet to be studied is staggering. Of the estimated 10 million species of bacteria on earth, only about 5,000 have been documented. But in 2007, a group of creation microbiologists came together for the first time at a Microbe Forum, hosted by Answers in Genesis in Kentucky, where they shared their findings and discussed possible future research projects.

This July, microbiologists from varied backgrounds will meet again to present their latest findings, as they consider the role that microbes might have played in the original, perfect creation, and why some microorganisms became agents of disease after Adam’s Fall. Their ongoing work is being published in the Answers Research Journal (www.AnswersResearchJournal.org).

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