Looking for new ways to reach others with truths about God and His creation? Perhaps you have heard some of these ideas but never tried them. Why not this summer?

  • If heading to amusement parks where you are likely to stand in long lines, try wearing a T-shirt or hat with a creation message. Colorful shirts with dinosaurs make a good conversation starter. Be sure to carry tracts and booklets, such as the popular witnessing pamphlet What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?
  • Set up a booth and show or give away creation resources at a county fair or state fair.
  • Host a backyard Bible club for neighborhood children and use a creation theme such as the Seven C’s of History in the Amazon Expedition children’s program.
  • Include a tract or booklet with your personal bill payments or other mail.
  • As part of a baby shower gift, include creation books for children.
  • Encourage your local library to carry creation resources. If they decline, leave samples or back issues of Answers magazine in the free literature area, which is found in most libraries.
  • Donate copies of creation resources to waiting rooms, such as a doctor’s office, car repair shop, or beauty salon. Nursing homes also appreciate donated material, including DVDs. (Answers magazine makes a good gift, too, though we may be biased.)

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