Do you live near or vacation at a beach? Here’s a fun way to evangelize while hanging out in the sun and sand this summer.

Christopher Carlson and friends from his church like to get creative. One day, they decided to gather their buckets and construct a 3D “missionary lizard” at the popular Silver Beach near St. Joseph, Michigan. Resembling a short-legged dinosaur like an ankylosaur, the sculpture drew quite a crowd of interested onlookers.

Then, with their captive audience, Christopher and his group answered questions about dinosaurs and handed out literature, including the creationist booklet What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?

People from around the world have the same questions: When did dinosaurs live? Did they evolve into birds? How did they die? Are they mentioned in the Bible?

Once people see that the Bible is the key to answering these questions, they are more open to hearing other things from the Bible, including the gospel itself. And what better place to share the good news than a sandy beach?

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