Facebookers have friends. Twitterers tweet. Bloggers blog. You don’t have to be a cyber nerd to reach others through the computer. All you need is to make the most of your opportunities. Here are a few ways to share creation gospel truths through online social networks:


Facebook: Build your network with friends, coworkers, family members, and acquaintances by adding them as “friends.” Then share your beliefs about Christ and creation by posting or “liking” links to interesting articles or videos that counter recent evolutionary finds or proclaim the Creator’s work.

Start a conversation by asking what others believe about the latest fossil find or other news items. Join creation and gospel-proclaiming groups such as Answers in Genesis, Answers Magazine, Living Waters/Way of the Master, the Creation Museum, and the Institute for Creation Research.

YouTube: YouTube isn’t just a place to post videos. From here, you can send links of existing videos to others or add comments to videos so others will read your comments. To see a list of videos currently available, search the words “creation” or “evolution.”

Twitter: Share what’s on your mind or an interesting fact in 140 or fewer characters (a “tweet”) using your computer or wireless phone. As you gain followers and choose to follow others, you can share links to articles or videos on creation/evolution and biblical worldview topics. Add a “#” and a keyword to your tweets (such as “#evolution” or “#creation,” called hash tags) for your message to be cataloged and searchable by those keywords.

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