The creator of recent dual blockbusters—the book The Lost Symbol and the movie Angels and Demons—has revealed in an interview that he began to give up on religion, a topic he often writes about, because of a pastor’s inability to defend the book of Genesis.

Dan Brown, who also wrote the best-seller The Da Vinci Code, said that as a young man he read a book about a big bang occurring billions of years ago, yet he knew the Bible taught that “God created heaven and earth and the animals in seven days.” “Which is right?” he asked. The minister supposedly replied, “Nice boys don’t ask that question.”*

Should we be surprised that a large percentage of young people who have given up on church have done so because they lacked biblical answers about common questions like the big bang and evolution?**

*Parade magazine, September 13, 2009.
**Based on a study by America’s Research Group, reported in the new book Already Gone by Ken Ham et al.

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