Shedding any pretense of impartiality, the New York Times admits a strong bias against the “marginal” creationist view, which “we don’t treat . . . as science.”

Time magazine featured New York Times’ executive editor Bill Keller answering a battery of questions, including: “Should journalists strive to present ideas as balanced, regardless of the actual credibility of either side?”

In his answer, notice what view Keller lumped into the category of non-credible ideas: “I don’t think fairness means that you give equal time to every point of view no matter how marginal. You weigh the sides, you do some truth-testing, you apply judgment to them. We don’t treat creationism as science . . . .”*

This admission confirms that the New York Times, the “newspaper of record,” has a strong editorial bias against creationists. His comments ignore the many scientists worldwide who are creationists and hold PhD degrees from respected schools. They are hardly “marginal.”

*Time, July 20, 2009.

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