An alleged relative of the famous “ape-woman” Lucy has been discovered. This fossil hominid, named Kadanuumuu, is at least 1 1/2 feet (0.5 m) taller than Lucy (who was 3 1/2 feet [1 m] tall) and is dated by secularists at 3.6 million years. Because some of K’s skeletal features are similar to those of modern humans, one anthropologist declared, “We can now confidently say that ‘Lucy’ and her relatives were almost as proficient as we are walking on two legs.” He added, “The elongation of our legs came earlier in our evolution than previously thought.”*

Evolutionists do not agree, however, about the relevance of the remains, as well as the creature’s mobility. Biblical creationists point out that with scanty remains (for example, K’s head is missing), a lot of conjecture is in play. As for the find itself, very few scientists ever get the opportunity to study such fossils firsthand. Without that firsthand study, creationists cannot be conclusive as to whether K was human or ape.

One thing is sure, however—K was either human or ape, descended from Adam or from one of God’s original monkey “kinds,” not some missing link between human and ape.


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