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Famed British physicist Stephen Hawking has once again attempted to show that the universe didn’t need a Creator. His new best-selling book The Grand Design argues that the supposed big bang is the inevitable consequence of the laws of physics, including gravity.

Answers in Genesis astrophysicist Jason Lisle notes how long-age Christians, such as progressive creationists, have played into the hands of these secular scientists. They accept the big bang but argue that it is God’s method of creation.

Dr. Lisle observes how destructive their compromise view is: “Hawking, the most-respected astrophysicist in the world, declares that the big bang is a replacement for God. Impressed by Hawking’s credentials, many church leaders and even scientists who are practicing Christians fail to see the secular motivation behind the push for the big bang.”

Dr. Lisle believes it is unfortunate that so few Christians realize that “both Scripture and good science show that the big bang was not God’s method for the creation of the universe.”*

The big bang is the secularists’ naturalistic explanation of the formation of the universe. They refuse to acknowledge that the remarkable complexity of the universe is a glorious testimony to a grand Designer. Indeed, the title of Hawking’s book, The Grand Design, would make more sense as the title of a creationist book.

*The Bible teaches that the earth was created before the sun, contrary to the big bang timetable (which states that the sun came before the earth). For a scientific refutation of the big bang, see Dr. Lisle’s book, Taking Back Astronomy.

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